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Γυναικείο Ισοθερμικό Κολάν Lasting Rena

Γυναικείο Ισοθερμικό Κολάν Lasting Rena

RENA women's seamless compression functional underwear that will never betray you. Thanks to compression, your performance will be better. Polypropylene microfibers with antibacterial, non-repellent finish reliably drain sweat from the skin to surface or into other layers of clothing. The 3D space system provides the necessary thermal comfort. Thanks to the unique workmanship perfectly fit every character.


1. Reinforced hip protection

shaped laminated knitted fabric in combination with seamless technology creates a distinctive protective zone protecting the femur throughout the entire hips.

2. Increased thermal protection

multiplied amount of air channels produced by polypropylene microfibre reinforcement in the flesh part promotes the accumulation of own heat

3. reinforcement against physical strain

laminated knit fabric shaped to protect the knee

4. mechanical protection

shaped laminated portion of the shin that protects against bumps

5. sweating protection

increased sweat formation in the bottom part spine conveys an active spatial 3D layer from the skin. Thanks to the antibacterial silver ion in the microfibre, the unpleasant smell of active sport is reduced

6. Supporting easy bending

knitted for easy bending of the knee during sport

7. Less sewn seams

trousers are made with seamless technology - a minimum number of seams. Stitched only on the inside of the legs

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